社員面談二日目 Second day of employee interviews






Hello everyone. I’m Koyama, the president.

Today was the second day of employee interviews. I don’t have anything special to blog about, but we talked about a lot of things. On the first day of the interviews, we meet with our superiors and ask them to raise issues in their departments and people, and then when we meet with general employees, we try to get to the heart of the issues.

I think it’s very common, but it’s difficult to know whether to train people who are clearly not good at their jobs and expect them to grow, or whether to give up on them and not expect them to do their job. On YouTube, you often hear people talking about keeping their distance from people they don’t like. But when you’re a CEO, you have to deal with people you don’t like and difficult relationships. It’s like a family.

I have two ways of dealing with this: one is to get down on your knees and talk it out. I’ve heard that talking is a good way to resolve things, especially with women, so I let them talk and clear their heads. Another thing is to make them focus on their work. If someone is bothering you, you can tell them how they are affecting the results of the work you are doing. This may not be a direct solution, but it’s a good way to get them to stop looking at the things they don’t like.

This is a little off topic, but in today’s employee meeting, we talked about a variety of things, from work issues to music and his religion. I would like to give them opportunities to play an active role so that they can achieve what Doyukai calls “management that makes the most of people”.

大家好。 我是小山,总统。

今天是员工面试的第二天。 我没有什么特别的东西可以写博客,但我们谈了很多事情。 在面试的第一天,我们与上级会面,要求他们提出部门和人员的问题,然后当我们与普通员工会面时,我们试图抓住问题的核心。

我认为这是非常普遍的现象,但很难知道是要培训那些明显不擅长工作的人并期望他们成长,还是要放弃他们,不期望他们做好工作。 在YouTube上,你经常听到人们谈论要与他们不喜欢的人保持距离。 但当你是一个CEO时,你必须处理你不喜欢的人和困难的关系。 这就像一个家庭。

我有两种处理方法:一种是跪下来,把事情说清楚。 我听说谈话是解决事情的好方法,尤其是对女性,所以我让他们说话,让他们头脑清醒。 另一件事是让他们专注于自己的工作。 如果有人打扰你,你可以告诉他们他们是如何影响你正在做的工作成果的。 这可能不是一个直接的解决方案,但这是一个让他们不再看他们不喜欢的东西的好方法。

这有点偏离主题,但在今天的员工会议上,我们谈到了各种事情,从工作问题到音乐和他的宗教。 我希望给他们机会,让他们发挥积极作用,从而实现杜玉凯所说的 “充分利用人的管理”。





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